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This service is a 9 month forecast of probable major events. Usual areas covered are health, profession and finances, partnerships and romance, and general life experiences. Consultation is in person by phone or online and takes about 45 minutes. The charge is $90.00, paypal or check. (I have 50 years experience).



This service covers local and long distance relocation. Suggested and newly discovered cities and regions are systematically explored. Based on the birth chart reliable descriptions are given for a number of places. This service is comprehensive and accurate. Consultation is in person by phone or online, and takes about 45 minutes. The charge is $90.00 paypal or check. (I have 50 years experience and wrote a book on the subject).



Questions and concerns about Kriya Yoga in general or any Yogic or mystical practice. Meditation instruction and guidance is offered. There is no set charge for this service do to it's spiritual nature. Each person can determine their own offering/donation. Consultation is by phone or online. Payments through paypal or check. (I have been a Kriya Yogi for over 50 years).

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Gray Mist at Dawn, Kriya Yoga's Hidden Master.

Gray Mist at Dawn

The Story of Kriya Yoga’s hidden master Sri Shelly

Steve Cozzi’s book offers a rare look into the life of Shelly Trimmer, a Western Yogi, and direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Surprisingly, very little has been written about practioners of Yoga who were born and raised in the West. This book offers many proofs that the appeal and application of Yoga is universal.

Steve Cozzi reveals to the reader a story and a teaching that is highly personal and authorative. These writings are not based on fictional accounts but on actual tape recordings and real time notes. The book is a journey into the incredible, a mystical reality, and the supernatural world of a modern Yogi Scientist. These first hand acounts let the reader make intelligible the higher knowledge of meditative awareness.

Shelly’s explanations of Kriya Yoga in particular and mysticism in general are unique in their scope and implications. He was a man of many interests and talents, namely, scientist/researcher, healer, magician, military strategist, and futurist.

Conveyed in direct, yet clear everyday language this book tackles vast concepts as-well-as simple truths. Its pages are filled with personal stories, humorous insights and mysterious experiences. All who read this would gain in their understanding of Kriya Yoga, mysticism and their own Self Conscious Awareness.

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You have an appointment with the Cosmic Dreamer of all that is.

Steve Cozzi - 2015

My fellow travelers we all have to begin at the beginning. That beginning can be now if you wish. Actually it began for us a long time ago in this present cycle. The beauty is that the end really never comes. Little stops and starts but never a final ending. My beloved benefactor (Shelly) one said, "Steve, I know you have a lot of plans just remember you have eternity to do them all." The answer to the all, the everything and the nothing is in the holy inner silence. That being said, the answer is:
Enjoy meditation
Meditate deeply
Meditate longer

Steve Cozzi - 1978

Steve Cozzi like many others of his generation began his spiritual search in the 60's. After serving in the United States Air Force and living the life of a hippie, Steve was drawn toward the path of Kriya Yoga. He was introduced into the technique of Kriya in August of 1968. In March of 1969 he meet his teacher Shelly Trimmer in Bradington, Florida. This was the beginning of a twenty-seven year spiritual friendship. Over this time period of time, he was fortunate enough to be able to visit Shelly twenty-five times. Steve was granted permission to tape Shelly's discourses; he was able to record approximately 150 hours of audio. These tapes provided the foundation for a book entitled, "Gray Mist at Dawn, Kriya Yoga's Hidden Master."

Steve Cozzi - Australia

Steve has also been a practicing astrologer since 1969. He is recognized as a world authority in the area of "location astrology". This type of astrology deals with relocation, direction ability, and "local space" a form of astro-Feng Shay. He is the author of the classic book, "Planets in Locality". Steve's manner of teaching is very down to earth, humorous and straightforward. He has been described as foresighted, controversial, emotional, yet always practical and dedicated. Steven's teachings focus on the results of right actions, right attitudes, and right application of techniques.

Planets In Locality

Planets In Locality

Synopsis by Bruce Scofield, Electional and Mayan Astrology

Although it is not as well-known, local space astrology is the natural counterpart of predictive astrology, the astrology of the time. In this comprehensive book Steve Cozzi not only describes in easy-to-understand terms the nature of the local space systems of horoscope interpretation, but he also offers detailed delineations, something not found previously in print.

Author Cozzi brings to this important branch of astrology some genuinely pioneering ideas and concepts which link modern astrology with the astrology of the ancients, an astrology in which space and direction were emphasized.

But there is more here than just local space. As this book progresses, the author tackles other aspects of spatial astrology, including what has come to be known as Astro-mapping or Astro*Carto*Graphy. Beyond this are intelligent discussions of various astrological and non-as-trological theories regarding possible grid patterns which overlay the earth - and from which useful information about one's locality may be obtained.

Perhaps it is inevitable that a work on local space astrology should end up being a work which examines the magical properties of space. Cozzi, who is well versed in a number of esoteric traditions from around the world, offers the reader insights into Feng Shui, Geomancy and other bodies of knowledge that recognize and attempt to explain the mysterious forces which surround and influence our lives. This is an important book for practical and experimental astrologers as well as dowers, geomancers and occultists.

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