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9 Quotes From Shelly

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      My teacher Shelly Trimmer was a master of willful intent. He also was an avatar of spirited science. You can read more about Shelly in my book, "Gray Mist at Dawn, Kriya Yoga's Hidden Master."

Quotes from Shelly Trimmer (Sri Shellyji):

1. Do not disturb the dream (their reality concept) of another unless asked in word or deed.

2. Never ignore the other sex in a relationship.

3. To thy own self be true.

4. Always take notes.

5. The only difference between you and God (the cosmic dreamer), is that you are less than 50% aware of your true Self and more than 50% aware of things.

6. God's dominant state of awareness is expressed in unselfish love often experienced as "ever new bliss."

7. The natural habitat of higher spiritual beings is unconfined deep space.

8. The essence of who you are, is immortal, without a beginning or an end.

9. 98% or more, of all human thoughts are emotionally based.